Empirische Kommunikations- und Medienforschung


since 10/2016: Research Assistant (Prof. Dr. Donges), Dptm. For Communication Studies, Institute for Communication and Media Studies, University of Leipzig, Germany

10/2014 - 03/2017: Research Assistant (Prof. Dr. Stiehler), Dptm. For Empirical Research on Communication and Media, University of Leipzig

2013-2014: Teaching Assistant for First-Semester-Students in Bachelor of Communication Studies, University of Leipzig

2009-2011: Student Assistant for Prof. Stiehler (Executive Director of the Institute) amongst other Activities in the Project: Television in Eastern Germany [Fernsehen in Ostdeutschland] (published in the TLM Series)  

Research Fields

Method Research, esp. for Media Content, Network Analysis, Online Communication, Issue Attention Cycles, Socio-Semantic Framing

Institutional Activities

Representative for Student´s Internships in Empirical Communication Research
Representative for Alumni / Alumnae Network Communication Studies


Knorr, C. (2016, forthcoming). On Transitivity in interpersonal communication in Leinhardt, & Holland (1971). In: Stegbauer, C., & Holzer, B. (Eds.). Key works of Network Research. [German: Schlüsselwerke der Netzwerkforschung). Wiesbaden: Springer Verlag.

Döveling, K., & Knorr, C. (in print, 2016). Media Logic as (Inter)Action Logic - an integrative Perspective. In M. Anastasiadis, J. Einspänner-Pflock, & C. Thimm, Media Logics Revisited - Modeling the Interplay between Media Instititutions, Media Technology and Societal Change. (Reihe Transforming Communications Ausg.). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Döveling, K., & Knorr, C. (2016). Review to Rinaldo Kühne (2015). Emotional Framing-Effects. [German: Emotionale Framing-Effekte auf Einstellungen.] In: Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft M&K, 2016:1, 133-135.



2011-2014: Master of Arts in Empirical Research on Communication Studies, University of Leipzig    
03/2014-08/2014: ELTE University Budapest, Hungary; Culture Studies and Philosophy
2007-2011: Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies with subsidiary Subjects in Politic Science, Sociology and Culture Studies started at the University of Passau, Germany, finished at the University of Leipzig