Historic and Systematic Communication Research

General Profile

The Department of Historic & Systematic Communication Research deals with theories of communication, encompassing the subject matter of the field, its theoretical perspectives as well as its history. Our students learn to know not only the German media system but also get a comparative perspective on different international media systems. Furthermore, we study and teach communication & media ethics as well as media law.

Areas of academic research & training:

General Communication Research: The basic concepts, questions and models of the field as well as basic structures of the German and different international media systems.

Communication History of the 19th and 20th Century: The political, economical, technical, cultural and social factors of historical change and development as well as historic research methods.

History of Communication and Media Studies: The history and the actors of the field, the development and change in research questions, theories and methods of Communication Research.

Communication Theory & Sociology of Communication: The concepts of and perspectives on different forms of human communication (Interpersonal communication, mediated communication, public communication) as well as the social conditions, functions and effects of communication on the micro-, meso- and macro-level.

Theories of the Public Sphere and Public Opinion: The functions and structures of the public sphere and comparative perspectives on different theoretical conceptions of public sphere and public opinion.

Communication- and Media Ethics: The basic and human rights and freedom of communication in relation to processes of public communication and the self-regulation-mechanisms of the media.

Communication- and media law: The legal regulation of communication processes and the structure of media systems.

International Communication- and Media Politics: The comparative analysis of international media systems and structures.