Learning Agreement: What do I have to know?

The Learning Agreement is your individual course plan. Your Home University needs it among other things in order to comprehend if and what you studied at your Host University.
As soon as you have chosen your courses from the course catalogue you list them on your Learning Agreement. Usually the catalogue of courses („Vorlesungsverzeichnis“) for the winter semester is published by the end of August, the one for the summer semester by the end of February. The catalogue can be found here: http://www.kmw.uni-leipzig.de/studium/lehrangebot/
It may happen that your course plan is changing, for instance because the course catalogue or your preferences are changing. That`s no problem. In case you have to hand in your Learning Agreement early just fill it out provisorily with the most current catalogue of courses (link see above). You may change your Learning Agreement later.

How do I get my Transcript of Records?

How to get your Transcript of Records:

  1. before you leave Leipzig you have to pick up your “Leistungsscheine” and “Teilnahmescheine” at the lecturer or secretary
  2. then you hand in the originals of all your “Leistungsscheine” and “Teilnahmescheine” at the ERASMUS office
  3. You can take home directly  your signed Transcript of Records
  4. In case you have to leave earlier, please make sure that your “Leistungsscheine” and “Teilnahmescheine” will be send directly to the ERASMUS office (post office pox: 165121) by the lecturer or secretary. Otherwise you have to send the “Scheine” as a copy by post/fax or email to the ERASMUS office. We gladly send your documents to your University or your home-address.