The Institute of Communication and Media Studies (KMW-Institut) is devided in the following departments:

  1. Historic and systematic communication and media sciences
  2. Empiric research in communication and media
  3. Journalism (print-, radio-, tv-, agency journalism )
  4. Media Studies
  5. Media Pedagogy
  6. Book Studies
  7. Public Relations & Communication Management

The Institute of communications and media studies offers a large education program. At the present we offer one BA degree program and four MA degree programs concerning Media and Communication Studies:

  • BA in Communication and Media
  • MA in Journalism
  • MA in Communication Management
  • MA in Radio Production
  • MA in Communication and Media

The B.A. of Communication and Media Studies includes modules from all departments. With the M.A. the students can specialize in Journalism, Communication Management, Radio Production and Communication and Media Studies. Information about the academic program of the Institute of Communication and media studies you find here.