Master Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft

Our Masters’ Program is a consecutive and research-oriented training which is supposed to deepen the Bachelors’ training in Communication and Media studies scientifically as well as in selected applied areas.

The program was developed in the tradition of the social sciences, its major theories and methods. It focuses on the structures, processes, contents, aesthetics, effects and the history of mediated communication. Moreover, students get insight into the ways and means to examine and create these aspects.

The areas of training encompass:

  • Communication Theory and Communication History as the basis of reflecting the media and public communication processes scientifically,
  • Empirical Communication and Media Research related to the analysis of media content, media reception and media effects,
  • Media culture and Media studies investigating the aesthetics, dramaturgy, structure and composition of audiovisual media like film, TV, DVD and diverse online-products.
  • Media Education exploring the processes of media appropriation and the educational application of the media and,
  • Book research dealing scientifically with the traditional medium book in all its facets.

The 2-year-program starts every winter term and offers a wide array of classes in these five areas. The curriculum is taught exclusively in German.

Bitte beachten Sie auch unseren Double-Degree Master "Global Mass Communication", der zum Wintersemester 2015/16 in Kooperation mit der Ohio University in Athens, Ohio (USA) gestartet ist!

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